The Un-Mother

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Quoted from the Inuyasha Profiles book: An incarnation of a mother's pathos that came from losing her child, it absorbed people and demons by showing them illusions

The Un-Mother is a creature compiled of the sorrowful souls of mothers who lost their children, usually to war, sickness, or famine. Once reborn in the depths of Hell, this creature arises and consumes others with soothing images and pleasant feelings, trying to fill the void of loss.

Within the Inuyasha series, the Un-Mother is hired by Sesshoumaru to help him get the location of their father's grave. Sesshoumaru has the Un-Mother appear like Inuyasha's mother, who died when Inuyasha was young and tricked his half-brother into believing the creature really was his mother's resurrected soul and body. Once "freed" by Inuyasha, the Un-Mother dug into Inuyasha's soul for the information at Jaken's command and almost consumed him in the process with her illusion. However, Kagome broke said illusion and freed Inuyasha before he was entirely absorbed. The Un-Mother died when she put herself in the path of one of Sesshoumaru's attacks, saving Inuyasha's life.

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