The dark side of Suikotsu

Suikotsu is not with the other members when he is revived; he is residing in small house near a village. Suikotsu has split personalities and when he is revived he is know as Suikotsu the doctor. Suikotsu uses a clawed glove to battle when his dark, sadistic side takes over. Kikyo is the first to come across Suikotsu and she notices he carries a shikon shard. She notices it is not tainted but she stays to investigate the situation. Suikotsu seems to be a doctor as he has a vast medical knowledge. He cares for many orphaned children in the small house that they live. The children and Kikyo view him as a kind and gentle man. Jakotsu, Ginkotsu and Renkotsu soon arrive to collect Suikotsu but he does not realise who they are. Jakotsu begins to attack the children and to prevent them from dying Suikotsu throws himself in front of Jakotsu’s attack. The attack causes Suikotsu’s dark, psychotic side to emerge and he instantly remembers his comrades. While in his dark form, he kidnaps Rin and holds her hostage, Rin and the children encourage his good side to take control and Rin is spared. Suddenly he reverts back to his dark form and laughs about how that doctor tried to suppress him all these years. He uses Rin as a hostage while Jakotsu battles with Sesshoumaru, until he is struck in the neck by an arrow causing him to revert back to the friendly doctor. We learn it was Kikyo who fired the arrow and he asks her to finish him off so he can rest in peace, unfortunately Jakotsu beheads him and takes the shard before Kikyo can remove it. The ‘Sui’ part of Suikotsu’s name means ‘sleepy’ or ‘drowsiness’ this probably refers to the fact that there is a darker side within him that lays dormant.

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