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Shippo (Shippou) is a kitsune, or fox demon. He is the youngest in the group, seemingly having the sensabilities of a child. He joins Inu Yasha and Kagome after his father is killed by the Thunder Brothers. Shippo does have a few weapons at his disposal, such as his fox fire and several morphing toys, but most of it is illusatory magic. Often Shippo's main job is being the comedic relief in tense situations!

Shippo's magic is not always useful, but sometimes it can be, for creating illusions, or confusing the enemy. He often cowars away from battle, but can be there if the time calls for it.

Shippo is also known for being very annoying to Inu Yasha, which usually ends with a bonk on a head, and a "sit" command for Inu Yasha by Kagome. Shippo is always bullied by the group, but always out of fun. Shippo's ability to transform can fool the lesser demons into fleeing from battle, and his morphing toys can have quite a psychological effect on his enemies.

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