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Sango is a demon slayer born and raised in a village of demon slayers. When Naraku decideds to play another game that involves Sango's family and the total destruction of her entire village, Sango joins Inu Yasha's travelling group in order to avenge her family and save her brother, Kohaku.

Sango has many weapons. Her Hiraikotsu, a long boomerang, can go through her enemies in one swipe. While this weapon leaves her defenceless, she also carries around a Katana, a small ninja sword incase of emergencies. Sango is a born killer, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to types of demons, and weaknesses of demons.

Sango has a friendly companion, Kirara, who she has had by her side all of her life. Kirara proves useful in many things, traveling, slaying demons, fleeing from battle, or just someone to have around.

While Kirara proves a great companion, Miroku, the perverted monk would be the one she relies on the most. She has mixed emotions about Miroku, and always gets jealous when he's around other beautiful women. Miroku also shares some emotions for Sango, but he wouldn't reveal them to her.


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