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Renkotsu’s appearance can be deceiving at first glance. He resembles and impersonates a Buddhist monk, but there is nothing holy about this devious member of the Shichinintai. Renkotsu has power over fire and can control the flames using special wires connected to a glove he wears. Renkotsu was brought back to life like the other members and appears to have considerable influence over the other members of the group. He sends Ginkotsu to battle Inuyasha, while they are fighting he pretends to be a Buddhist monk and says he will look after the poisoned Kagome, Miroku and Sango. He takes Kagome’s shards and realises that she has the power to detect their aura. Frantically worried that Kagome will reveal to Bankotsu that he stole her shards he makes it his mission to kill Kagome by setting fire to the building they are sleeping in. Bankotsu finds out that he stole Kagome’s shards and takes them from Renkotsu to power-up his Banryu. He is warned not to step out of line again or he will be killed. Renkotsu hates being spoken to in that manner by somebody so much younger than himself. The ‘Ren’ part of Renkotsu’s name means to ‘forge something over a fire’ like metal/iron working. This, of course, refers to his ability with fire.

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