Onigumo after being scorched from the fire he was left to die in

Onigumo is the bandit that becomes the base of the demon Naraku. 50 years prior to the events of Inu Yasha, Onigumo roamed Japan as a bandit and did whatever he pleased. Onigumo continued to grow in political power until the day he was revolted against and left to die in a fire. He was found by Kikyo, who took care of him despite his brutal nature. By her definition, he was completely "harmless" in his current state. Onigumo began to feel a fondness of sorts for Kikyo which turned into a powerful lust over time. Discontented by his handicapped state, Onigumo opened himself up to the demons to take over his body in return for power. The innumerable demons filed into him, taking over his body and soul completely. Onigumo was given the gift of a powerful body, but he was no longer in control. The demon created by this merger goes by the name of Naraku.

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