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Naraku is one of the most powerful demons in the series, considered a youkai for a long time it was discovered that he was a mere han-you and longed to be free of ‘Onigumo’ the human whose body, hundreds of demons took over and formed what we know as Naraku. At one time Kikyo took care of an injured bandit known only as Onigumo. Onigumo developed a twisted love for Kikyo but the feeling was not mutual. As Kikyo’s love for Inuyasha grew her powers weakened and demons were able to close in on Onigumo. Onigumo made a pact with the demons that they could take his body and soul as long as they gave him the strength to steal the ‘Shikon No Tama’ and make Kikyo his. This is the reason why Naraku cannot bring himself to harm Kikyo as he has the human heart of Onigumo inside of his body. Once Naraku was born he disguised himself as Inuyasha and attacked Kikyo in an attempt to steal the ‘Shikon No Tama’. Kikyo believing it was Inuyasha was heart broken and went looking for Inuyasha, she found the real Inuyasha with the jewel and shot a purifying arrow straight at Inuyasha’s chest binding him to the legendary sacred tree. Kikyo eventually died due to her wounds and was cremated with the Shikon jewel so it could never fall into the wrong hands. At first Naraku appears to be cowardly as he manipulates others to fight his battles. It is later revealed he is between transformations and a battle with Inuyasha and the gang would only be foolish. Naraku’s main ability is the power to absorb other youkai to strengthen his body and completely change the structure of his entire body. Naraku has recently revived the infamous Shichinintai, the reasons behind this are that he needs Inuyasha and the gang distracted while he dispels the human heart of Onigumo within him so he can become a full demon. The kanji of Naraku’s name literally mean hell.

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