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Mukotsu is the repulsive, fat toad-like creature of the Shichinintai. His specialty are acids, poisons and gases of all varieties, which he uses to slowly kill his opponents. When we first meet Mukotsu he creates a vapor cloud which Jakotsu uses to lure Inuyasha on a wild goose chase while Mukotsu takes care of Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo. Mukotsu proves to be a very sick individual as he paralyzes Kagome with his poisons and then tries to dissolve Miroku and Sango before her eyes. Not having much luck with women, Mukotsu attempts to rape Kagome but Sesshoumaru appears just in time and slices the creep in two with one slash of his sword. (In the Anime, producers found the ‘rape’ scene not suitable for broadcast so they changed it to a fake marriage ceremony as Mukotsu tries to marry Kagome instead.)

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