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Miroku is a monk with some very unmonkly habits! He has a penchant for asking every woman he meets to bear him a child, as well as a propensity for fondling women's behinds! (Often leading to a sound smack across his face!) Miroku is cursed with a wind tunnel (kazana) in his hand, that will eventually open and consume him, if he cannot defeat Naraku.

Miroku joins the group in an effort to marry Kagome, and also find Naraku. His wind tunnel is an excellent asset to the group, and it can be a great help if ever overcome by vast amounts of demons. Miroku, even for being a perverted Monk, can still use Sutra's and wards to fend demons away, and he takes advantage with this and receives great amounts of pay.

Although Miroku can, and will ask any pretty women to bear his children, he has only one in mind- a demon slayer named Sango. Having first met up shortly after Sango's family was killed, Miroku seems inclined to "touch her" and receives a slap-to-the-face every time. Despite his idiocy and lack of respect towards women, Sango also starts to have feelings for Miroku, but tries to keep them hidden.


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