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Kagura is the first of Naraku’s detachments to be introduced in the series. Kagura is a wind user and can cast many powerful wind related spells and unleash devastating wind attacks. As Naraku’s detachments all have the same scent as him, it is assumed that Naraku has just assumed the form of a young woman when Inuyasha meets Kagura for the first time. Kagura is a ruthless opponent and Naraku often sends her dangerous missions that could cost her, her life. Kagura detests Naraku because of this and longs to be free of him. Unfortunately she cannot escape him as Naraku physically holds her heart in his hands and can destroy her in an instant. Kagura was the reason why Koga joined the Inuyasha and the gang to hunt Naraku. Kagura was responsible for luring and slaughtering many of Koga’s comrades. Therefore Koga detests Kagura with great intensity. Kagura has tried to break free of Naraku by enlisting the help of Sesshoumaru, the only person she believes can defeat him. Sesshoumaru has no interest in it at first, but later in the series when he to wishes to kill Naraku, Kagura is there to give him invaluable information about Naraku’s whereabouts and potential plans. Naraku has grown to distrust Kagura because of her suspicious actions and now relies more so on his most trusted detachment Hakudoushi. Kagura’s name is made up of the kanji for ‘gods’ and ‘music’, ‘comfort’ or ‘ease’.

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