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Kagome Higurashi is just your average 15 year old teenager living in modern Japan, until she is pulled through a time portal to the Feudal Era, 500 years earlier! Kagome is actually a reincarnation of the Priestess Kikyo, and magically the Shikkon No Tama is inside her body! As her adventures with Inu Yasha continue Kagome will learn that she has purative powers, reflective of those of a priestess, and also can shoot arrows with Sacred powers.

Kagome's bow can prove very useful. Her arrows are sacred, and are much stronger-and much more effective on demons than any regular arrows. Kagome herself is very powerful. She has the ability of her ancestor Kikyo- to purify the sacred jewel shards. Kagome also has the ability to sense Sacred Jewel shards from a distance.

Kagome often has trouble with her social and school life-with her feudal era life. She often has trouble keeping her grades up, and finding the Sacred Jewel shard. Her Grandfather is always making up excuses to why she isn't at school, and it can be very hard to explain when she gets back what the sickness' were.

While Kagome and her friends have always liked a school boy, Hojo, Kagome has grown a great relationship with Inu Yasha, and she has found herself in love with Inu Yasha, but, does he love her, or is he still in love with Kikyo?


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