Inu Yasha Vol. 48: A Father's Love

Inu Yasha Vol. 48: A Father's Love
North American Box Art
ProducerViz Video Inc.
DirectorYasunao Aoki
Release Date(s)North America: November 21, 2006


[edit] Plot Summary

[edit] Movie Cast

Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, David Kaye, Scott McNeil, Pam Hyatt, Jillian Michaels

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Episode 142: Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudoshi

The infant returns changes into a new form, a grown white child called Hakudoshi. Meanwhile, the demonic horse, Entei, is reunited with Rengokuki, his old master. But Hakudoshi manages to kill Regokuki and obtains the horse for himself. Inuyasha and friends find Hakudoshi riding Entei and a fight begins.

[edit] Episode 143: 3000 Leagues in Search of Father

Kanta is a child demon who is currently searching her father's body to restore his head that was cut off by Hakudoshi; Once Shippo meets her, he feel sympathetic to her, since he knows what it feels to lose your father. Inuyasha and friends set out to look for the body.

[edit] Episode 144: Hosenki and the Last Shard

Inuyasha goes to the Netherworld to meet Hosenki, the creator of the black pearl in Inuyasha's eye, and to learn why Hakudoshi is so obsessed with the netherworld.

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