Inu Yasha Vol. 41: Naraku Reborn

Inu Yasha Vol. 41: Naraku Reborn
North American Box Art
ProducerViz Video Inc.
DirectorMasashi Ikeda
Release Date(s)North America: April 25, 2006


[edit] Plot Summary

Bankotsu is the last of the wicked Band of Seven after slaying the only other remaining member, Renkotsu, for betraying him. Now that he has Renkotsu's jewel shards, he's even more powerful while facing Inu Yasha. As they battle to the death, the rest of the Inu Yasha group come to a shocking conclusion when they piece together the puzzle of why Hakushin was aiding Naraku!

[edit] Movie Cast

Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, David Kaye, Scott McNeil, Pam Hyatt, Jillian Michaels

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Episode 121: Final Battle: The Last and Strongest of the Band of Seven

There are now only two members left of the Shichinintai, Renkotsu and Bankotsu. However, because of his betrayel, Renkotsu is slain by Bankotsu and he takes his jewel shards. Now the even more powerful Bankotsu faces off against Inu Yasha. Meanwhile, Sango and Miroku put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out why Saint Hakushin has been helping out Naraku, and the purpose of Mt. Hakurei!

[edit] Episode 122: The Power of Banryu! Duel to the Death on Mt. Hakurei

Inu Yasha finally defeats Bankotsu and his Banyru after a long, hard-fought battle. However, before he can rest Mt. Hakurei starts to move around as if it has a mind of its own!

[edit] Episode 123: Behind the Darkness - Naraku Reborn

Thanks to Mt. Hakurei, Naraku is back and sets out to destroy the Inu Yasha group using the mountain he was reborn from. How will they be able to survive the reborn menace's attack?

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