Inu Yasha Vol. 39: The Black, Impure Light

Inu Yasha Vol. 39: The Black, Impure Light
North American Box Art
ProducerViz Video Inc.
DirectorMasashi Ikeda
Release Date(s)North America: February 21, 2006


[edit] Plot Summary

The Band of Seven is still attacking, but this time split up. Their leader Bankotsu is after Kikyo, Renkotsu is attempting to kill both Inu Yasha and Koga, and Jakotsu and Suikotsu are using Ren as bait in order to lure Sesshomaru out. As the attacks persist, Sango and Miroku are still making their way up Mt. Hakurei in hopes of finding Naraku. When they reach a cave and go inside, they don't find Naraku, rather Kagura, one of his detachments. How will the Inu Yasha gang survive against the Band of Seven, and how will Sango and Miroku escape Mt. Hakurei without sustaining much injury from Kagura?

[edit] Movie Cast

Noriko Hidaka, Willow Johnson, Louise Vallance, Brittney Irvin, Hisao Egawa

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Episode 115: Lured by the Black Light

Jakotsu and Suikotsu's plan to kill Sesshomaru is flawed whenever the doctor's egos battle it out. Jakotsu is left alone to fight Sesshomaru, while Suikotsu is struggling to slay Rin because of his good side.

[edit] Episode 116: The Exposed Face of Truth

Kikyo steps in during Jakotsu and Suikotsu's assassination attempt of Sesshomaru. She is able to purify the jewel shard keeping Suikotsu alive, marking the return of his good, caring side. He then explains why he has the conflicting personae in the first place.

[edit] Episode 117: Vanished in a River of Flames

Now that Renkotsu is back at full strength after sustaining much injury from his battle with Koga, he vows to avenge the death of his comrade Genkotsu by attacking Inu Yasha and Koga with his special flame attacks.

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