Inu Yasha Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking G

Inu Yasha Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
North American Box Art
ProducerViz Video Inc.
DirectorKarl Willems
Release Date(s)North America: Q2 2005

[edit] Plot Summary

A time of peace settles across the land with the most feared demon defeated. But that time is short lived as another rises to make trouble for our heros.

Kaguya, the Princess from the Moon, aims to thrust the world into a never ending night, and it is up to Inu Yasha and his friends to stop her.

But what of their earlier enemies, and the demon raging inside Inu Yasha? Will the group be able to handle all these threats, and what is ever going to happen with Inuyasha and Kagome?

[edit] Movie Cast

Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, David Kaye, Scott McNeil, Pam Hyatt, Jillian Michaels

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