Inu Yasha: DVD 9: Origin of the Sacred Jewel

Inu Yasha: DVD 9: Origin of the Sacred Jewel
North American Box Art
ProducerSeiji Horibuchi
DirectorKarl Willems
Release Date(s)North America: Sep 23, 03


[edit] Plot Summary

Enter Sango the Demon Slayer!

Misled to believe that Inu Yasha is responsible for the destruction of her village, by Naraku, Sango attacks him. Inu Yasha doesn't want to hurt her, because he knows that it is another one of Naraku's games, but he has to keep himself and the others safe as well!

[edit] Movie Cast

Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, David Kaye, Scott McNeil, Pam Hyatt, Jillian Michaels

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Episode 25: Naraku’s Incidious Plot

Inu Yasha and the others encounter Sango full of rage believing that Inu Yasha was responsible for the destuction of her people. She does her best to fight him with a jewel shard in her to give her time. Sango then realized that Naraku is nothing more than a demon puppet control by the real Naraku at the castle that Sango and her most talented slayers were killed.

[edit] Episode 26: Secret of the Jewel of Four Souls: Revealed

Sango realizes that Naraku has lied to her about Inu Yasha’s involvement in the destruction of her village. She leads the gang to a cave near her village where Midoriko’s, the priestess responsible for the creation of the Shikkon No Tama, resting place is.

[edit] Episode 27: Lake of the Evil Water God

Inu Yasha and the others come to a village that is preparing to sacrife a young boy to the local water god, to avoid his wrath. They find that the god has been demanding many sacrifices lately, and suspecting a imposter the gang goes to check it out.

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