Inu Yasha: DVD 32: Glow of the False Jewel

Inu Yasha: DVD 32: Glow of the False Jewel
North American Box Art
ProducerSeiji Horibuchi
DirectorKarl Willems
Release Date(s)North America: Aug 23, 05


[edit] Plot Summary

Inu Yasha and his friends come across a horde of demons and they realize that every demon is in possesion of not only shards of the Shikkon Jewel, but they each have a whole one! Where did all these jewels come from??

Afraid that these jewels will be used for evil, the friends decided to search out the origins of these jewels.

[edit] Movie Cast

Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, David Kaye, Scott McNeil, Pam Hyatt, Jillian Michaels

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Episode 94: The Sacred Jewel Maker, Part One

Izumo is a priest who has spent his life researching the sacred jewel, and appreciating the world around him. Inu Yasha and his friends meet up with Izumo, and learn that a demon named Orochidayo is looking to replicate the sacred jewel somehow.

[edit] Episode 95: The Sacred Jewel Maker, Part Two

Gyuou needs Kagome's pure soul for the base of a new sacred jewel, as well as her friend's souls, for each of the four facets of the Sacred Jewel. But who is this Gyuou, and what is his connection to Izumo?

[edit] Episode 96: Jaken Falls III

Jaken is poisoned by Naraku's insects while trying to protect Rin, and the only one that may be able to help is Jinengi, the kind half demon herbalist. Sesshoumaru confronts Inu Yasha again.

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