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犬夜叉  Inu Yasha is a hanyou, Half human, half dog demon. Because of this, every new moon he becomes a whole human for that night. Inu Yasha has led a difficult life, not really ever belonging to either race. He intially became interested in the Shikkon No Tama, in order for him to use it's power to become a full demon. However, he was sidetracked by Kikyo, and then the incidious plot by Naraku, which left Inu Yasha bound to a tree by a Sacred Arrow, for fifty years. When Kagome comes through the time portal, and stumbles across Inu Yasha, her powers are enough to free Inu Yasha from his bonds, and our adventure begins!

Inu Yasha has the following abilities in which assist him in battle: - Tetsusaiga, a long sword made by his fathers fang, with a common and very useful technique, Wind Scar. - Iron reaver soul stealer, he uses his sharp nails to scratch through the flesh and bones of his enemies - Blades of Blood, a range attack in which he whips out red blades to far away enemies, or if they are great in number. - Full Demon form, in which Inu Yasha loses his common sense and sensibility and lashes out his opponent until either one of them dies. This form of Inu Yasha feels no pain, no fear, no emotion.

Inu Yasha has had a troublesome life, with his Human mother, and his Demon Father not around to take care of him, and of course, his torn heart between Kikyo-and Kagome. Kikyo, the girl he loved, who pinned him to the tree 50 years before he met Kagome, and then Kagome, who he's been with through his whole adventure, and grown to love, too.

Inu Yasha- who acts like a tough, no-emotional demon, is very happy to have all the group around him and near him. Inu Yasha relies on them when he's in trouble, especially when he turns into a human in the night of the new moon.


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