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Ginkotsu, the fearsome armoured tank seems to have lost all his humanity, is there anything human left in that big tin body? Ginkotsu is a one man arsenal. On his back are projectile buzz saws connected to thin metal wires so they will return to him. His left arm has been replaced by a sharp claw attached to a chain. Also on his back is a missile launching, cannon-like weapon. Renkotsu sends Ginkotsu to finish off the job started by Mukotsu before Sesshoumaru exterminated him. Weak due to the effects of Mukotsu’s poison, Kagome, Miroku and Sango slowly travel through the woods with the help of Kirara, Shippo and Inuyasha. Inuyasha detects something and then all of a sudden hundreds of missiles fly through the air towards Inuyasha and the group. Ginkotsu proves more than a match for Inuyasha so he sends Shippo away with the others to hide. Inuyasha finally manages to subdue Ginkotsu temporarily by using his ‘Kaze No Kizu’ technique, which buries Ginkotsu beneath the ground. Ginkotsu manages to dig himself out and confronts Inuyasha yet again later on as Inuyasha is battling Renkotsu. Inuyasha severely wounds Ginkotsu and all that is left is his head and torso. Renkotsu, still intent on gathering the shikon shards for himself instead of Naraku forges Ginkotsu a feudal age tank like body. Ginkotsu now seems even more unstoppable but thaks to the courageous efforts of Koga, his cannon is obstructed and the resulting explosion takes care of Ginkotsu once and for all. It also leaves Koga severely wounded. The ‘Gin’ part of Ginkotsu’s name is written with the kanji for ‘silver’. This refers to the fact that he is some sort of mechanical man.

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