Yura of the Hair

Yura of the hair major enemies mini.jpg

Yura was apparently born from the sadness that developed in people while grooming the dead’s hair with a comb to make them look presentable for the funeral. Yura has the ability to use her hair to bind people and control people as if they were puppets. Yura comes across Kagome who she knocks into the bone-eaters well which results in Kagome being sent back to her time. Yura then encounters Inuyasha, Inuyasha has a tough time dealing with her because of his inability to see the strands of hair. Kagome and Inuyasha eventually find Yura’s lair and begin to battle her. They can’t seem to defeat her, as there attacks are unaffective, Kagome then realises that Yura’s soul is in the comb. Inuyasha manages to destroy the comb, which in effect destroys Yura.

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