Shikon No Tama

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Shikon’ means four souls. The four souls are ‘Aramitama’ (Courage), ‘Nigimitama’ (Friendship), ‘Kushimitama’ (Wisdom) and ‘Sakimitma’ (Love). When all four are united in one person, they unite together to form a powerful bond that can be used for either good or evil. The ‘Shikon No Tama’ resembles a small crystalline marble like object when it is complete, however due to an accident, the jewel shattered into many shards and fragments. The jewel appears pink and heavenly when purified, but the jewel begins to turn a black/purple colour if it becomes tainted. The jewel was created during a great battle between the high priestess Midoriko and a powerful youkai. After seven days and nights of battling, Midoriko realised she could not hold off the youkai any longer and as she was about to be devoured by the youkai she seized the spirit of the youkai and bound it with her own. This resulted in the death of both Midoriko and the youkai and the creation of the ‘Shikon No Tama’, which burst from Midoriko’s chest. The battle still continues within the jewel as the souls of both Midoriko and the youkai she bound; continue to battle inside the jewel. The jewell passed from numerous humans and youkai for centuries until Sango’s grandfather, a youkai exterminator, finally discovered it. He entrusted the jewel to another priestess named Kikyo because of her great purifying powers. Naraku was born shortly after and intended to steal the jewel from Kikyo so he could use it to gain incredible power. He planned to corrupt the jewel using the hatred that he built between Kikyo and Inuyasha. He disguised himself as Inuyasha and attacked Kikyo, Kikyo suffering from severe wounds found the real Inuyasha and sealed him to a tree believing he had betrayed her. Unfortunately Kikyo died shortly after and the ‘Shikon No Tama’ was burned with her body so nobody could ever get their hands on it again. The ‘Shikon No Tama’ soon returned fifty years later when Kikyo’s soul was reincarnated as Kagome. Kagome accidentally fell down a well at her house and was transported to the feudal age. Upon arrival she was attacked by a youkai named ‘Mistress Centipede’ who managed to extract the ‘Shikon No Tama’ that was lying dormant within her body. Kagome came across Inuyasha who had been sealed to a tree fifty years ago. She managed to free Inuyasha and he defeated the youkai, saving the jewel. Unfortunately now that the jewel was in existence again it attracted youkai from the surrounding area and soon it fell it into the hands of a crow-like youkai. Kagome now knowing of the importance of the jewel fired an arrow directly at the youkai. The arrow also hit the Shikon jewell and it shattered in hundreds of pieces that spread across Japan. Now Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo are on a mission to collect all the shards of the ‘Shikon No Tama’ before Naraku can get his hands on them and use them for his own malevolent purposes.

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