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Midoriko had the ability to seize the souls of youkai and purify them; this power came from a positive balance of the four souls within her heart. Her spiritual power exceeded any other person alive and it was said she could destroy 10 youkai at once. Her final enemy were multiple youkai who had gathered together in the heart of an evil human who had always longed for her love (Just like Onigumo and Kikyo). The youkai consumed the person’s soul transforming him into a powerful youkai. After seven days and nights of battling, Midoriko realised she could not hold off the youkai any longer and as she was about to be devoured by the youkai she seized the spirit of the youkai and bound it with her own. This resulted in the death of both Midoriko and the youkai and the creation of the ‘Shikon No Tama’, which burst from Midoriko’s chest. The battle still continues within the jewel as the souls of both Midoriko and the youkai she bound; continue to battle inside the jewel.

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