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Kyokotsu at first glance does not even appear human due to his monstrous size and appearance. Kyokotsu is the first Shichinintai member we are introduced to and we learn that he has grown even larger because he has been eating youkai in the surrounding area. Kohaku seems to be giving orders to Kyokotsu, which to Kyokotsu’s great dislike makes him lunge at Kohaku to steal his shikon shard. Kohaku proves to quick for Kyokotsu and severs the giant’s hand. Kyokotsu, unfazed by this simply picks the hand up and re-attaches it as if it was nothing (that’s the power of the shikon shards for you ^-^). Eventually Koga comes across Kyokotsu and the power of the shikon shards emanating from Koga’s legs proves too tempting for the greedy behemoth. The two battle it out and nothing Koga does seems to faze Kyokotsu, until he reveals the shikon shard he has in his head. Koga smashes through Kyokotsu’s forehead and grabs the shikon shard, Kyokotsu then slowly turns gray and all that remains of him is some dust and his bones. The ‘Kyo’ part of Kyokotsu’s name means ‘villain’ or ‘disaster’.

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