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* [[Inu Yasha Movie 34: Children of the Snow]]
* [[Inu Yasha Movie 34: Children of the Snow]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 35: The Band of Seven]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 35: The Band of Seven]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 36: A Half-Demon's Tears]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 37: Two Souls, One Body]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 38: Battle on the Sacred Island]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 39: The Black, Impure Light]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 40: Divine Malice]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 41: Naraku Reborn]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 42: Farewell My Beloved]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 43: Demons in the Modern Age ]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 44: The Most Dangerous Confession]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 45: The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 46: An Ancestor Named Kagome]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 47: On a Pale Horse]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 48: A Father's Love]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 49: Tragic Love Song of Destiny]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 50: Kikyo and Kagome]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 51: The Path to the Netherworld]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 52: The Last Shard of the Jewel]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 53: Malevolent Machinations]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 54: Mistakes of the Past]]
* [[Inu Yasha Vol. 55: The Bond Between Inu Yasha and Kagome]]

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